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Coating Technologies
Innovative Platform Technologies
Lake Region Medical's platform of proprietary technologies deliver superior performance over conventional wire designs during cardiovascular, peripheral and neurovascular interventions.

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Twister Core Wire Technology

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Optimize Performance in Complex Anatomy
TWISTER® Core Wire Technology is designed to optimize wire control in complex anatomy by providing a balance of support and kink-resistance.

A proprietary process stimulates micro lattice refinement of the core wire alloy to enable “hybrid” design characteristics. Product designs employing TWISTER® Technology will benefit from the support of a stainless steel alloy and enhanced shape-resistance properties necessary to deliver superior torque control during even the most challenging cases.

Features & Benefits
Improves resistance to wire deformation without compromising wire support or pushability
Enhances torque control (steering) by reducing core twisting during torsional transfer
Reduces tip shape loss during the procedure
to facilitate vessel selection and reselection
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Technology Profile

Material: Stainless Steel
Description: Proprietary manufacturing process
Key Characteristics: Enhanced torque, kink-resistance, SST support equivalence, core wire durability

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Microridge Core Wire Technology

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Boost Torque Control
MICRORIDGE® extends guidewire control to the fingertips of physicians.

Industry-exclusive stabilizing ridge minimizes twisting in the distal core flat providing superior torque control (20% more torque when compared to non-ridged designs).  Additionally, MICRORIDGE® improves pushability by directing force to the distal tip minimizing tip prolapse.

Features & Benefits:
Delivers superior torque control (1:1 transmission) retention by minimizing twisting in the distal core flat
Improves guidewire delivery by minimizing tip prolapse and directing proximal “push” forces in the direction of the distal tip
Microridge Core Wire Technology Illustration

Technology Profile

Material: Stainless Steel
Description: Stabilizing ridge extending from distal core taper into flat
Key Characteristics: Enhanced torque (20% increase), improved distal tracking

TWISTER® and MICRORIDGE® are platform technologies used in BRIVANT® Guidewires manufactured by Lake Region Medical.
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