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Lake Region Medical has developed proprietary hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings that serve a variety of clinical applications. Coatings are available on many Lake Region OEM guidewires but can also be added to existing designs to improve performance.
Aquarius Icon Twister Core Wire Technology

Revolutionary Coating Technology
AQUARIUS® Direct-Coat Hydrophilic Coating utilizes a proprietary coating process to apply hydrophilic chemistry directly to the metal substrate of a device. Unlike products that require a polymer substrate for coating application, AQUARIUS® Hydrophilic Coating can be applied directly to existing stainless steel or nitinol designs to improve guidewire-to-catheter interface with low durometer, small french size catheters or crossing performance on interventional designs.

Features & Benefits
Improves guidewire-to-catheter interface
Conveniently applied to existing product design
More cost effective than polymer jacketed wires
Superior lubricity
510(k) registered on several OEM Guidewires
Transparent coating allows the addition of depth-indicator markings
Aquarius Hydrophilic Coating

Technology Profile

Material: Proprietary Formula
Type: Hydrophilic
Key Characteristics: Applied directly to metal substrate, lubricious, transparent

Aquarius Direct Coat Conventional PTFE Coating
AQUARIUS® Direct-Coated guidewires easily glide through low durometer catheters. Conventional PTFE-coated guidewires bind when withdrawn from low durometer, small french size catheters.


Lubrigreen Icon Twister Core Wire Technology

Superior Performance from an Eco-Friendly Coating
LUBRIGREEN® utilizes a proprietary coating process to apply PTFE coating directly to bare wire prior to coil winding and guidewire assembly. This process produces a consistent and uniform coating, eliminating the inconsistencies and other drawbacks associated with spray-coating technologies. Lake Region’s new LUBRIGREEN® Pre-Coat PTFE has been reformulated to be more environmentally friendly while providing the same superior coating performance on which Lake Region has built its reputation. LUBRIGREEN® is 510(k) and CE Mark registered for a wide variety of diagnostic and interventional guidewire designs and clinical applications.

Features & Benefits:
Enhanced lubricity and durability
Consistent quality wire-to-wire
Reduces harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Perfluoctanoic (PFOA) materials
Reformulated coating qualifications
Meets and/or exceeds new EPA directives
Continuous source for environmentally safe PTFE coating
Lubrigreen PTFE Coating

Technology Profile

Material: PTFE
Type: Hydrophobic
Key Characteristics: Environmentally friendly, lubricious, durable

Lubrigreen Pre-Coat PTFE Spray-Coat PTFE
LUBRIGREEN® Pre-Coat PTFE Leading Competitive Spray-Coat PTFE
Excellence Icon Twister Core Wire Technology

Consistent Coating for Reliable Performance
EXCELLENCE® Silicone Coating reduces friction between guidewires and interfacing devices resulting in a smooth guidewire-to-device interface. Lake Region's coating process produces a consistent, uniform coating surface ensuring the highest level of performance.

Features & Benefits:
Reduced surface friction facilitates improved guidewire-to-catheter interface
Application to existing product designs improves ease-of-use and expedites design time
510(k) registration provides quick market access
Transparent coating allows the addition of visual depth-indicator markings
Coating process provides a consistent, smooth coating surface from guidewire-to-guidewire
Excellence Hydrophobic Coating
Technology Profile

Material: Silicone
Type: Hydrophobic
Key Characteristics: Reduces friction, uniform, smooth, and consistent surface, transparent
Gemini Icon Twister Core Wire Technology

A Biocompatible Coating with FDA Clearance
GEMINI™ Coating acts as an anticoagulant, releasing anti-thrombogenic agents to prevent the formation of thrombi and enhancing the body's natural mechanisms to break down clots that have already formed.

Features & Benefits:
Successfully addresses a wide range of clinical applications
Can be applied to any diagnostic guidewire configuration
Heparin Coating

Technology Profile

Key Characteristics: anticoagulant, antithrombogenic

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