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Stimulation Therapy Market
Lake Region Medical entered into the medical device field in 1960 by developing the processes to manufacture pacing coils used with the first implantable pacemaker. Today, Lake Region Medical specializes in delivery and access devices for two segments of the Stimulation Therapy Market: Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM), comprised of therapies such as permanent implantables, temporary pacing and cardiac ablation, and Neuromodulation, comprised of therapies such as spinal cord stimulation, deep brain stimulation, and autonomic nerve stimulation.
Cardiac Rhythm Management Therapies
Coronary Sinus Lead Placement
Transseptal Placement
Pacing, Defibrillation and Ablation for Cardiac Electrical Conduction
Abnormalities and Heart Failure
Neuromodulation Therapies
Pain Management
Tremor Disorder Management
Autonomic Nervous System Modulation for Conditions such as Obesity,
Incontinence and Sleep Apnea
Device Competencies
Pacing Coils
ICD Shocking Coils
MRI inductor Coils
Polymer Coating
Retrieval Devices
Coronary Sinus Guidewires
Introducer Guidewires
Packaging and Sterilization

Stimulation Therapy Product Develpment

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