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Product Development
Lake Region Medical maintains competencies in a variety of devices and components within the Peripheral Vascular market. Past development projects include:
Embolic protection devices are designed to capture and remove debris that may be dislodged when undergoing a Percutaneous Intervention (PI). This prevents debris from flowing downstream and blocking smaller arteries.

Lake Region is a major designer and manufacturer of both completed Embolic protective devices, as well as sub-assemblies.
Competencies include:
Shape Memory Material Treatment and Forming
Uniform Micro Pore Filter Creation
Polymer Membrane Attachment
Precision Wire Flattening and Grinding
Miniature Radiopaque Marker Bands
Highly Torqueable Guidewires
Embolic Protection
An assembled embolic filtration device
Magnetic and electronic navigation systems are designed to enhance patient care with precision guidance of interventional devices. 

Lake Region has proficiencies in the development and manufacture of small magnetic- or electronic-compatible technologies used in intravascular navigation applications.
Competencies include:
Coated Wires to Withstand High Frequency
RF Wires with Ablation Properties
RF Wires with Applied Magnets to Enable Steerability in Vectored
Magnetic Force Fields
Magnetic Navigation Tip
A guidewire tip designed to respond to magnetic signals
Vascular Reconstruction device and delivery systems position and deploy stents used with embolic coils for the treatment of aneurysms.

Lake Region has the capability to develop technologies which range from materials with a high degree of shape retention to self-expanding microstents with closed-cells.
Competencies include:
Automated Vision Inspection
Precision Adhesion
All in One Assembly Fixture
UV Curing
Precision Packaging and Delivery Systems
Stent Marker Bands
Miniature marker bands added to the struts of a stent as part of a vascular reconstruction system
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